Budapest overnight train to Belgrade

I'm off to Sofia by train in a couple of weeks. I have an interrail ticket so I'm just trying to reserve a couchette/sleeper on the Budapest to Belgrade overnight train.

Problem is... there don't seem to be any options to upgrade from a seat to an actual bed on any of the reserving websites.

So, my questions are: a) do I need to get a reservation? I'm travelling on a monday night. Are the seats that bad? and b) if I do, any ideas on where I could get one? I've tried calling rail europe but no luck with that so far...

Thank you :)

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UPDATE* This night train is now available to book on Loco2. Book a train from Budapest to Belgrade here.

Hi lucyl,

I've got a couple of ideas. But first of all, yes I do think you should try to make a reservation. Depending on the time of year this is a very popular service and is likely to book up beforehand. If you're spending a couple of days in Budapest prior to travelling you may be able to buy your reservation at the station a few days before travelling, but if you're not flexible it's recommended to buy a reservation in advance.

First of all, I'd try my luck with Deutsche Bahn. However, as far as I'm aware it's not possible to book online, but you should be able to make a reservation over the phone 08718 80 80 66 or 0208 3394701. I'll keep digging but haven't found anywhere that does this reservation online yet.

If you can't book ahead and are flexible maybe consider the day train from Budapest to Belgrade. The 'Avala' service, is modern Eurocity train that runs everyday in the early afternoon so opt for this if you want to bypass this whole issue of couchette reservations. You should be able to pick up a seat reservation on the day pretty easily, and the whole journey takes around 7 hours. Or the 'Ivo Andri' which leaves earlier in the morning.

Obviously it's up to you if you do choose to try your luck with a seat, but we wouldn't usually recommend them. The 'Beograd' train has various options, including a sleeping-car (1, 2 or 3 bed compartments & sink), couchettes (4 & 6 berth compartments) and ordinary seats but they're unlikely to be comfortable and you're not as secure as when you're safely tucked up in your sleeper.

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Thanks Kate. I managed to book by ringing up DB - very efficient service!

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