European Train Maps

There's no comprehensive European rail map online at the moment, but there are still some useful resources to be found.

This Eurrail Pass Map shows you where a Eurrail pass is valid. It also has a handy summary of the of approximate reservation costs in different countries to help with planning your budget.

This map, showing approximate travel time between major European cities is another useful resource on Eurrail.

Website showing detailed maps countries where Eurrail Passes are valid

Thomas Cook publish comprehensive rail timetables and hardcopies of lots of European rail maps.

This interesting project has mapped [all major European sleeper trains]( "Links to map of sleeper trains" which is good if you're pondering a trip.

Loco2 doesn't own the copyright for any of these maps. We're just linking to things we think are useful. Please let us know if any of the links appear to be broken.

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Does Eurrail passes only work on certain rail companies? How likely would it be that you'd have to buy additional tickets?

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There is a difference between Eurail and Interrail passes depending on your country of origin that Kate has written about them over here:

The difference between Interrail and Eurail

If you're British you can buy an Interrail pass. However you need to do your research since the pass isn't valid on all trains. For example, the Eurostar gives a discount on tickets but they are not free. Additionally on top of the pass, on more popular trains (like high speed intercity trains) you also need to buy a seat reservation.

So, it depends on your itinerary. They can still be good value for money if you are travelling a lot, but if you are only making a handful of stops over a longer period then it might be cheaper to buy point to point tickets.

Hope that helps!

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