London-Amsterdam in 4 hours 16

With the Brussels-Amsterdam high-speed line now open, it's possible to get from central London to downtown Amsterdam in just 4 hours 16 minutes with one simple change in Brussels.

Fares start at £53 one-way, £97 return by Eurostar and high-speed Thalys train. You'll find cheaper and more flexible fares (from £89 return) using Eurostar and the more frequent but slower hourly InterCity train between Brussels and Amsterdam.

Indeed, the £89 return fare will not only get you to Amsterdam but to 'Any Dutch Station', Arnhem, Utrecht, Groningen... you name it.

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Right so how to I book it to 'Any Dutch Station' through the Loco2 site?

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Hi Andy,

We are working on making "Any Dutch Station" available through Loco2. For the moment, your best bet is to go to the Dutch site NS High Speed and search for a train departing London and arriving in Amsterdam.

You can then use this ticket to go from Brussels to any destination in Holland, so long as you use the regular InterCity trains and NOT the high-speed Thalys services. The ticket is an open ticket, meaning you can travel on any domestic Dutch train within 24hrs of your Eurostar journey and there are no seat reservations so you just hop on. You can't use it for multiple Dutch trains in the 24hr period, just the one, although your departure station could be a different Dutch station to the one you arrive in, if you want.

For departures in 3 months time, the price on NS High-speed is €52 either way, which equates to around £86. There is a €2.50 charge for using Visa. You can print your ticket at home, and it will be non-exchangeable, non-refundable. This is the cheapest way to do it currently, but for added convenience & an £8 booking fee, you could book over the phone:

Eurostar - 01233 617575 Rail Europe - 01732 520 550

Your ticket will include the Eurostar legs on specific trains with seat reservations. If you want to plan your InterCity train connections, you can search Brussels to your chosen destination on Loco2 to see relevant timetables. Make sure that you leave time in either direction to change platform and for Eurostar check-in (allow at least half an hour). Of course, on both the outward and return journeys you could feasibly peruse Brussels for a little while (as long as you make a connection within the 24hr time limit) should the occasion take you!

Hope this helps!

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Just a quick tip for using NSHiSpeed.

Because the site is predominately used by Dutch people, the site presumes that you are Dutch and travelling from the Netherlands even if you search for tickets beginning elsewhere. One of the consequences of this is that website gives you the option to collect your tickets at station even though it's not available to people starting their journey in the UK.

This is misleading because the tickets will only be available to print from a number of specified machines at Dutch stations, not at the Eurostar terminal in London nor anywhere else in England. Don't be fooled! Print at home!

If you are in the Netherlands and want to collect you tickets from a machine, there are facilities at Schiphol, Utrecht Central, Amsterdam Central, The Hague Central, Rotterdam Central, Breda and Arnhem. Just remember that the machines are located inside the ticket office so can only be used during office hours.

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UPDATE: Any Dutch Station tickets have been discontinued. For detailed travel information see our Trains to Netherlands Destinations pages.

Hi Andy,

Just an update for you on the "Any Dutch station" is now available for booking through Loco2. If you book in advance, it's £50 one way and £89 return meaning you can see 2 cities for the price of one!

Read more about trains to Amsterdam or any Dutch station here.

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